house-about.jpgGreater Lynchburg Habitat for Humanity was founded in 1988. In December 1994 a parcel of land was purchased for the purpose of building a community of Habitat homes. What to name the 19-lot parcel? Bright Star Court was chosen because the property was in the eastern part of the city and because it was the Bright Star of the East that led the Magi to the Baby Jesus.

Then again in December of 1996, additional land was purchased adjacent to Bright Star Court. This parcel of land contained 51 building lots and that is when Jubilee Heights was born. Why Jubilee? The new millennium was fast approaching, a time of renewal and a time of great celebration -- thus a Jubilee.

By January 1999, Greater Lynchburg Habitat for Humanity had built and partnered with 182 families and angels were appearing from around the city to help build additional houses. 

One city angel deeded a resort condo to Greater Lynchburg Habitat for Humanity and the proceeds from the sale from this condo built a house and helped fund the establishment of the Jubilee Family Development Center, which is located between Bright Star Court and Jubilee Court.

Donations from families are used to build houses to celebrate milestone birthdays or anniversaries for honored parents. Some houses are built in memory of loved ones and many are built with the cooperation of businesses and their employees.

Greater Lynchburg Habitat for Humanity builds houses in partnership with those who have a need, who have a willingness to partner to build, and who are also able to sustain mortgage payments. GLHFH accepts applications all year long, however only 4-5 houses are built per year. Thanks to the generosity of the City of Lynchburg and landowners, GLHFH maintains a property inventory in order to meet the growing needs of families who qualify for Habitat homeownership.

Habitat builds quality homes and takes pride in tailoring house construction to accommodate special needs. GLHFH can build lavatories to accommodate wheel chair residents while also allowing wider hallways and door openings. For homeowners who have young children with health issues such as asthma, GLHFH will eliminate carpet from bedrooms to minimize allergens. Habitat extends its help to citizens who are in need and encourages everyone to explore the idea of partnering to build a better community together.  We are an Equal Housing Lender.

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