The University of Pennsylvania returned for Spring Break 2016!


These guys don't ride the fence, they build it!


Local Schools
Lynchburg area schools have helped GLHFH through volunteering, collecting aluminum cans, and providing education about volunteerism and the problem of substandard housing. Our most recent school helpers have come from:

E.C. Glass High School
Forest Elementary School
Sandusky Elementary School

Local Colleges
Lynchburg’s colleges and universities have been a tremendous help in providing volunteers and interns. Special thanks to:

Liberty University- LU Habitat for Humanity Campus Chapter (Sponsored House #291)
Lynchburg College
Randolph College

Collegiate Challenge
Each year, several schools from across the United States come to Lynchburg over their spring break to help build our “Collegiate Challenge” house. Our most recent students have come from:

University of Pennsylvania
Kent School of Asheville, North Caroline
Kent Schools of South Kent and Kent, Connecticut
Allegheny College
University of Chicago
Ursinus College

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